Monday, October 28, 2013


About this photo

Taken where: Herengracht, Amsterdam.

Name of pic: Herengracht

Write about it: This photo was taken from one of the windows of the apartment we staid in. It was a great apartment and we would see boats come past. Herengracht stands for the gentle men's canal, so that's the canals name!

Sorry, I have been in AMSTERDAM!!

Hello and sorry! I haven't posted for a longtime, but I do have a justification for that absence! I was in Amsterdam, the city of bikes for three weeks and I just got back a couple of days ago! So, of course when you are on holidays you take your camera and what do you do with your camera: you take photos!! And then you see interesting things and will end up on your camera! I have a lot of post coming up soon about Amsterdam so don't expect an absence for a quite some time!!